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We are Harslett Farm. The 200 acres of cultivation had been the livelihood of the Harslett Family for almost 100 years. Celery, chinese cabbage (wombok), lettuce, carrots, grean beans, kale, cauliflower, lobok, wine grapes, apples, watercress have all been grown on the farm at some stage. From 2017/2018, the farm has been leased out to a carrot, celery and onions grower. This is when the decision was made to share the natural aspects of the property with the public, through our campground Foxbar Falls.

The Campground

Out came the grader, and works began on clearing the undergrowth to mark out individual sites. Hidden gems were discovered. Council by-laws were navigated, amenities purchased and water treatment systems installed.

We acknowledge different groups of people want different experiences from camping. We have designed 8 distinct areas, each with their own combination of view type,shade or sun, powered or unpowered, proximity to amenities, dogs allowed, and best for groups. 

Why stay here?

We believe the natural landscape, wildlife, recreation opportunities and facilities are only rivalled locally by Girraween National Park. Foxbar Falls, just out of Stanthorpe, offers dog-friendly camping sites, laundry, shower and toilet facilities, the sale firewood for campfires (communal and on most individual sites), strict limits on visitor numbers and campground capacity,  free wifi at the office, diverse walking trails, multiple swimming and canoeing locations, fishing, rubbish collection and potable water access for drinking. You could stopover here on your longer journey, or make it a holiday destination all  of its own. We have also fully complied with local and state regulations to gain council approval, so you can be confident that the safety of visitors and the preservation of this environment are assured.


“Thank you so much for sharing your piece of paradise”

“A lot of thought and work has been put into this place. We'll be back with our friends!”

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